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With our extensive experience at Fit The Bill Construction, we are able to help you with your roof repair insurance claim in the aftermath of storm damage. We have keen knowledge of the insurance industry and how the insurance companies operate, and our team can make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. We will help ensure your insurance company covers the cost of the labor and materials required to get the storm damage repairs you need.

Total Wind and Hail Storm Damage Insurance Claim Help

Some homeowners will only file one claim on their home for the duration of their home ownership. This often involves damage in the aftermath of a severe weather event. Whether your damage was caused by wind, hail, or a combination of both, we can help you with your claim for damages that covers your roofing, siding, gutters, and window damage.

At Fit The Bill, we understand the difficulties of getting the repairs you need done after storm damage has hit your home. Our field representatives understand the process of filing a claim and can help you get the maximum return based on your policy. We guide you through the process to help you achieve the storm damage restoration you deserve in the Twin Cities MN area including in Minneapolis MN, Saint Paul MN, and Coon Rapids MN.

You may even want to take advantage of an opportunity your insurance settlement provides to make your property look better than before the damage occurred.

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If you need help with your roof repair or roof replacement insurance claim, or your claim for other damage associated with your siding, gutters, or windows, we have you covered. We can help you determine if it makes sense to file a claim in the first place. Call our team today at 612.900.7560 or complete our contact form to get the storm damage claim assistance you need.

Roof Repair Insurance Claim

  • Do you handle insurance claims?

    Yes, our team will work closely with your home insurance company making sure your insurance is held accountable to the coverage you pay for monthly/annually. This may include hail damage, wind damage, or fallen debris. If you think you have any storm damage Contact us first to ensure you have claimable damage to file your claim.

  • Can you claim storm damage on your taxes?

    It is best to speak to your tax professional about these types of claims. Most of the time, you can do this if the damage comes from unexpected and unusual situations, such as earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes, etc.

  • Does insurance cover hail damage?

    Most types of home insurance will cover hail damage. However, the amount of damage to your roof, as well as when the hail damage occurred, plays a role in this. Our team can work with your insurer to determine if your coverage applies.

  • Will My Insurance Carrier Drop Me if I File a Roof Repair Claim?

    No, your insurance company is not likely to drop your coverage if you have a roof repair claim. Frivolous or very frequent claims may cause your rates to rise, though.

  • Will My Insurance Carrier Increase My Rates if I File a Roof Repair Claim?

    Most of the time, the answer to this is NO. However, you can talk to your insurance company about this risk when you call them about your claim. If they tell you that your rates may increase, you don’t have to file the claim. However, most of the time, you are not at risk.

  • Why would my insurance company replace or repair my damage?

    Home insurance covers roof damage from unexpected, accidental, and unavoidable situations. This includes most types of storms, vandalism, wind, hail, and falling objects such as trees, and fire damage. It doesn’t cover normal wear and tear of the roof.

  • Will my insurance company cancel my policy if I file an insurance claim?

    No, most insurance companies will not cancel your policy if you file a claim. If you are concerned that they will, be sure to speak to them about your right to file a claim and what is likely to occur if you file one. Also our team has 20 years of experience concerning storm claims and they usually are a good with determining what course of action to take and has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies.

  • If I do not file my claim will my insurance company raise my rates?

    Insurance rates rise for many reasons. If your home is less safe, the insurance company may cancel your policy. That’s why having roof repairs done is always important. If your home needs repairs, be sure to schedule them with our team.

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