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While your roof is an important part of protecting your home, there are other home exterior constructions that contribute to keeping your roof waterproof and safe, including gutters, soffits, and fascia. In areas that get a lot of rain and snow, like Minnesota, homeowners need this additional protection for their home, but they need to get their gutters, soffits, and fascia installed and serviced by their trusted local roofing company.

Fit the Bill Construction: Best Home Exterior Contractors Around Minneapolis MN

In the greater Minneapolis MN area, the leading contractors for roofing and more are Fit the Bill Construction. We have decades of experience with all aspects of home exteriors, so we can tackle any type of storm damage or new construction, including gutters, soffits, and fascia.

Gutter Installation & Repair Services

Gutters prevent excess water form damaging exterior walls and keep runoff away from the foundations. Gutters are attached to the roof edges to catch excess water, and there are a variety of gutter styles to match you home exterior look. They can be made from various materials including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and vinyl.

At Fit the Bill Construction, we cans source a wide variety of gutter types, and our trained professional contractors can install new gutters in no time.

  • All About Soffits

    Soffits are the areas under the roof edge, and they can be made of wood, metal, or vinyl. They’re important for roofing systems because they support the roof edge where it hangs over the exterior walls of the house, called drip eaves. Vents installed in roof soffits can support proper air circulation and help keep energy costs down inside the home.

    Every home is unique, and you need a thorough roof inspection from Fit the Bill Construction to see if your soffits need repair or upgrading along with a roof replacement or repair.

  • Don’t Forget Fascia

    The band that runs around the bottom of the roof is called the fascia. This roof element protects the roof structure and helps keep excess water from soaking into the roof. Oftentimes, gutters are installed onto fascia, so they need to be strong and durable. While the fascia can be installed with siding, it can also be installed at the same time as the roof.

    The roofing professionals at Fit the Bill Construction always include fascia in roof replacements and repairs.

Need help with your gutters, soffits or fascia in Minneapolis MN? Contact Fit the Bill Construction!

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