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Metal Roofing – An Excellent Option for All Seasons and Climates

Whether you are getting ready to put a roof on a new home, or your current roof requires a complete makeover, you are probably starting to realize there are many roofing material options available.

A new roof is a serious investment and it is smart to take some time and do some research before making a final decision. You want to look for a roofing material that adds value to your home, is easy to install, and lasts a long time.

Metal roof installation is becoming an attractive choice because of the benefits offered that upgrade your home with a product of lasting value. If you consider metal roofing as a forever roof type, then an asphalt roof is definitely more temporary in nature. Metal roofing is gaining in popularity in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis, Minnesota owing to its reputation for longevity and attractive curb appeal.


Without a doubt, metal as a roofing material possesses the most durability and is the very longest-lasting with proper maintenance. When installed properly, it can last as long as the house itself. Many companies offer warranties for up to 50 to 75 years. Because of its longevity, many homeowners who choose to install a metal roof may never have to consider re-roofing again. Unlike asphalt roofs that last as long as 15 to 30 years, high-end metal roofs can have an effective service life of 60 years or more. A roof of zinc or copper shingles can last well over 100 years.

Curb Appeal – It is stylish

With metal roofing, finding a roof that complements your house curb appeal is not a thing to worry about. With virtually endless styling options you can get a variety of shapes, textures, and colors that even mimic the look of asphalt and wood. Although a little more expensive, copper roofs offer a distinct natural beauty – a worthwhile investment that develops a stunning green patina over time.

Weather Protection

With metal roofs, you never have to worry about sun, rain, snow or ice. These roofs are able to resist wind up to 130 mph. Because of strong interlocking construction, they resist high winds exceptionally well and are virtually invulnerable to pests and leaks. They do not ignite into flames during a wildfire or a lightning strike. Thanks to the fact that metal has a slippery surface and a metal roof possesses a high degree of reflexivity, it is a great option to consider for any area that sees heavy snow accumulations. It causes ice to melt quickly, and any remaining accumulation slips off easily. You may also want to consider the metal replacement windows we offer, which are also highly weather resistant.

Low Maintenance

As mentioned, metal roofs are long-lasting and beautiful, but an added benefit is that they also require minimal maintenance and upkeep. With these roofs, you never need to replace gaskets, repaint, or clear debris. Metal roofs are designed to be water-resistant. They prevent the development of rust or corrosion. You can clean your roof with water. It is easy to keep this type of roof in good shape. There are no issues with these roofs such as shingles rotting, drying or falling apart.

Energy-Efficient and Environmental Friendly

Metal roofs have a unique ability to reflect heat from the sun. So, even on the hottest summer days, they keep homes cool, reducing the need for air conditioning, saving energy and money.

In comparison to other roofing systems, metal roofs are much more environmentally friendly. They are made from recyclable materials and may also include solar panels to take your home’s energy-efficiency to the next level.

Increased Property Value

Metal roofs are not only a good option when you want to stay in your home, but they are even more desirable for potential buyers due to lower home insurance premiums. They provide increased property value and a big return on investment. You can recoup your investment at resale up to 85%.

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